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The aim of this bi-annual meeting is to discuss ongoing and future developments in the field of integrated structural biology. It will bring together experts from the crystallography, NMR, cryo electron microscopy & tomography and hyper-resolution imaging fields to address key questions in biology, especially around transcription & translation and related mechanisms involving large nucleo-protein complexes. The presentations by leading scientists in the field will have a focus on the technological innovation for multi-resolution approaches to address the structure and function of these complexes at molecular and cellular levels of organization. This time it will be a joint event with the inauguration of a new high-resolution electron microscope (Titan Krios) at the new Centre for Integrative Biology at the IGBMC.



- Frédéric Allain, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Using NMR and EPR to decipher the molecular mechanisms of translation regulation.

- Sacha de Carlo, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Latest developments in correlative and cryo-TEM workflow solutions.

- Philippe Dumas, IBMC, Strasbourg, France. New developments in ITC to address biological problems.

- Gwyndaf Evans, Oxford, UK. In situ, multi-crystal, high frame-rate: New trends in X-ray crystallography data collection.

- Ignacio Izeddin Aguirre, ENS, Paris, France. Geometry of the nucleus and gene regulation, a single-molecule and super-resolution microscopy approach.

- Bruno Klaholz, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France. Opportunities for future multi-resolution integration at the CBI.

- Andreas Schertel, Oberkochen, Germany. Large volume imaging of cellular ultrastructure using (cryo-) FIB-SEM microscopy.

- Clemens Schulze-Briese, Baden, Switzerland. Hybrid pixel X-ray detectors for advanced life science - applications.

- Holger Stark, MPI Göttingen, Germany. Dynamic macromolecular complexes at high resolution by single particle cryo-EM.

- Sriram Subramaniam, NIH, USA. Imaging cells, viruses and protein complexes with 3D electron microscopy: From structure to mechanism.

- Albert Weixlbaumer, Rockefeller University, USA / IGBMC, Strasbourg, France. Structural basis for transcriptional pausing in bacteria.

Registration to the symposium is free but mandatory. The number of participants is limited.
Deadline for registration May 2014, 25th

Extension of registration to June 2014, 8th

A poster session will be organized from which 4 posters will be selected for a twelve minutes talk presentation. Poster abstract submission has to be done online after registration.
Deadline for poster abstract submission June 2014, 1st

Extension for poster abstract submission to June 2014, 8th





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